P. F. 2006 / 24.12.2005
We printed and sent out a collection of 108 new year's cards with 108 different typographic motifs. If you are one of those we omitted, we wish you a unique year 2006 this way.

Kak visiting / 9.12.2005
On the 9th of December, we welcomed a virtual visit from a Russian design magazine Kak. In their regular column "В гостях" (Visiting at...), the magazine introduces both Russian and foreign studios. You too can take a look at what our studio is like. And if you can speak Russian, you can read about things which you won't find here at our website... More at www.kak.ru.

Móda / Fashion / 9.12.2005
The most demanding of our projects so far, the book Móda / Fashion is finished. Cover of the "white" book was printed utilising only varnish lacquer and white colour. The book is sold in a custom made, exclusively printed bag.

Móda / Fashion in print / 1.12.2005
Honza just finished design of a book of evening dresses by Liběna Rochová, a famous Czech fashion designer, for a successful Czech pop star Lucie Bílá. The publication will be published in two weeks.

a logotype of ENESA company / 31.10.2005
In October, we designed a logotype for a newly established ENESA company. The firm is focused on energy savings and consultancy.

design for Next Wave festival / 29.9.2005
We designed image for an alternative culture festival …příští vlna / next wave… in Prague. Our main motive reflects the festival motto it is twelve oclock.

New logotype for Czech Radio D-dur / 31.5.2005
A design of Filip Blažek won the competition for a new logotype for Czech Radio. D-dur is a new station focused on classical music. Unfortunately, the logotype must also contain the logotype of Czech Radio (Český rozhlas).

Posters of Filip Blažek on Display in Beirut / 4.5.2005
Part of the conference Typo.Graphic.Beirut was the exhibition of speakers held from April 1423, 2005 in Sheikh Zayed Hall of Lebanese American University. Blažek presented three posters for the ...příští vlna / next wave... cultural festival.

new typography of Respekt Since Today / 21.3.2005
After many months of hard work, Respekt with new layout and typography is here. Redesigned by Filip Blažek (Designiq), Libor Kleček and Michal Gregorini (Mowshe), and Michal Hořava. Respekt has new text face Fresco and the contents is better arranged and incorporates more white space.

new design for Vltava magazine / 8.3.2005
After three years, we changed the design of a quarterly published by Czech Radio 3 — Vltava for its listeners. Zdeněk Franc made the magazine more appealing for the readers and better arranged. Spring issue 2005 is the first redesigned issue.

New Typography for Respekt Newspaper / 7.3.2005
Several months ago Filip Blažek joined a team of designers to redesign Czech weekly Respekt. These days the group finishes the job by refining all the details and doing test on rotary press. Other members of the team are Libor Kleček and Michal Gregorini (Mowshe Studio) and Michal Hořava.

A Cover of DVD Vltava Multichannel Edition / 7.3.2005
Filip Blažek designed a cover for the first DVD from the Vltava Multichannel Edition collection for Czech Radio 3  Vltava. The demanded techno look is enhanced by silver color used on the cover.

Project of Paliative Care in the Czech Republic / 23.2.2005
A collection of five brochures for the Paliative Care in the Czech Republic project of the association Cesta domů (The Homecoming). Designed by Jan Dobeš.