Prince Clause Awards / 19.12.2006
Few days ago, Linda and Filip came back from the Prince Clause Awards ceremony. They were invited to Amsterdam by Iranian typographer Reza Abedini, the Principal Prince Claus Laureate.

Typeface for Dagens Nyheter / 11.12.2006
Stockholm-based design studio Pangea Design asked us to create custom font for an important Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter. We have built an OpenType font from letters submitted by the client. The font contains all European glyphs including leter for Sami language used in northern Scandinavia. There are several alternative forms of letters in the font and all letters are properly kerned.

St. Nicholas’ eve / 5.12.2006
St. Nicholas, the Angel and the Devil just visited our studio… Find out more about this Advent ritual at

Waiting for Golem / 21.11.2006
A nostalgic guide to the genius loci of Prague's streets and passages. Written by Dan Hrubý, published by XYZ. The book leads readers to the diseppearing world of old Prague. Designed by Filip Blažek.

Life with a baton / 30.10.2006
A book about live of a famous Czech conductor Václav Smetáček written and published by his wife Míla Smetáčková. Second edition designed by Honza Dobeš.

Czech for Life / 12.10.2006
Conversational handbook of Czech language by Alena Nekovářová designed by Filip Blažek. A book illustrated by Pavlína Řezníčková was published by Akropolis publishing house.

R2 Design / 5.10.2006
During the annual ATypI conference in Lisbon we’ve accepted Artur Rebelo’s invitation to visit his design studio R2 in Porto. This studio won Grand Prix of the Brno Biennale 2006. Few years ago, our designer Honza Dobeš spent four months on intership there.

Building Letters Three / 18.9.2006
The Building Letters magazine is released. Designed by Filip Blažek. All the profit will help those affected by the Asian Tsunami in 2004. The magazine will be available for on-line sale since 15 October 2006.

Faithful Customer / 14.9.2006
“Even at 10 000 feet above sea level I remain your faithful customer“, wrote Martina Špinková. Martina, the manager of Cesta domů, climbed a mountain in a Designiq t-shirt designed by Lukáš Holinka.

new issue of Vltava magazine / 8.9.2006
The autumn issue of Vltava magazine was just published. Designed by Zdeněk Franc.

Movie Classics: Andrei Rublev / 4.9.2006
We have designed the very first book for Casablanca, a new Czech publishing house. This publication is a part of the book series Movie Classics. Graphic design of the book series, and corporate design of the publishing house was designed by Honza Dobeš.

Corporate design Via Fontes / 28.8.2006
We have designed a logotype and stationery of a company promoting a healthy life style. According to client's wishes, everything is printed on recycled paper. Designed by Honza Dobeš and Filip Blažek.

VIDA annual report / 31.7.2006
An annual report for a Czech non profit organization VIDA. The design, hand written headlines and graphs by Zdeněk Franc.

Building Letters Three / 12.7.2006
We are sponsors of the Building Letters magazine. All the profit will help those affected by the Asian Tsunami in 2004. The magazine will be published in September 2006. Among various contributors are Max Kisman, Fiona Ross, Thomas de Guy etc. An integral part of the magazine will be a CD with more than a dozen of free and high quality OpenType fonts. More about the project at

Buy-a-Brick Project 2006 / 29.6.2006
We’ve designed newspaper for Buy-a-Brick Project in Northern Bohemia. It provides citizens with the opportunity to support projects intended to help handicaped people through buying special good-will bricks. Published by Jurta, local organizer in Northern Bohemia.

Juggling festival / 27.6.2006
A poster for street art and juggling festival in Prague designed by Filip Blažek. Freely inspired by David Carson's and Piet Schreuder's lecture at Typo Berlin conference.

Reza Abedini / 20.6.2006
On July 16, Iranian typographer Reza Abedini visited our studio. Reza Abedini is one of the best graphic designers in Iran. He came to the Czech Republic to be a member of the jury at the Brno Biennale. During his stay in Prague, he visited several design studios.

The real typography / 13.6.2006
All week long we work in InDesign. At least on Sunday we use a gouge to go back to the roots. Honza cut the words to the oak table of Martin Potužník's family to remark the origin of the timber. The lettering is based on Lexon by František Štorm.

Booklets for Czech Association for Mental Health / 5.6.2006
Zdeněk Franc designed brochures for CAMH. Publication is black & white, expect the cover with blue “brain” theme.

Archeology of typography / 19.5.2006
On Thursday, May 17, held Filip Blažek a lecture about Czech typography at the University of the Arts in Bremen. Poster was designed by students using Pozorius and Studnička Antikva fonts.

Design for Nuscreen company / 11.5.2006
Corporate design for Nuscreen company by Honza Dobeš. The ornaments in the background are printed with a varnish lacquer.

‘Guten Morgen, liebes Weibchen!’ / 9.5.2006
A collection of letters written by Mozart to his wife Constanze. Czech edition designed by Honza Dobeš for Editio Bärenreiter Prague.

Redesign of SME newspaper / 11.4.2006
In March, we participated in a competition for redesign of Slovak newspaper SME. Our design did not make it through to the second round of judging.

Right Investment in Housing / 31.3.2006
A book on housing by Martin Lux and Petr Sunega published by publishing house SLON. Photos by Kryštof Blažek, design by Honza Dobeš.

solar eclipse / 29.3.2006
We were watching the partial eclipse of Sun outside our studio today. Honza took this photo through a floppy disk at 13.08.

new issue of Vltava magazine / 17.3.2006
The spring issue of Vltava magazine was just published. Designed by Zdeněk Franc.

When 288 Bells Sing Out / 14.3.2006
Design for a CD containing voices of Czech bells and Czech and Dutch carillons. Designed by Filip Blažek for Czech Radio, a producer of the compact disc.

Bosal News / 13.3.2006
For Bosal company, we designed a newsletter concept. Author of the layout is Honza Dobeš. The full color "Bosal News" are printed on a recycled paper.

a short movie about type / 21.2.2006
350 attenders of 33pt conference durign a screening. Filip Blažek in his short movie “Fonts like violence, break the silence” presented the most beautiful typefaces from the gravestones of Slavín Cemetary at Vyšehrad in Prague. The film was warmly welcomed at the 33pt& conference at Fachhochschule, Dortmund.

Film Dictionary / 17.2.2006
Encyclopedy of films designed by Filip Blažek was recently published by Orpheus. A publication by editor Michal Töteberg contains more than 480 entries and 40 illustrations on 650 pages.

Beverage & Gastro / 17.2.2006
New layout for Beverage & Gastro monthly! The lifestyle magazine was redesigned by Filip Blažek in the end of 2005. The most visible changes are white space incorporated in the layout, colourful cover and body text set in a beautiful and legible antiqua.

The Inverted Pyramid / 17.2.2006
A book Zvrácená pyramida (The Inverted Pyramid) by Bohuslava Blažek & Jiřina Olmrová was published by SLON publishing house. Designed by Filip Blažek in 2005.

carnival Poster / 12.2.2006
We designed a carnival poster for Key Production agency. Carnival will be held in Palace Akropolis in Prague on February 25, 2006. Author of the poster is Honza Dobeš.

Parcel from Tehran / 1.2.2006
Iranian typographer Majid Abbasi sent us a catalog of his book covers. The little book "Ravian-o Ravian" contains more than 70 covers by this famous Iranian typographer. Thank you, we admire Persian design.

Logo di.fresco / 16.1.2006
We designed new logotype di.fresco for frozen products. We tried to create regular commercial logotype. And our client is satisfied.

Josef Suk — letters / 3.1.2006
The book of correspondence of Josef Suk was designed (including the cover) by Honza Dobeš The title was published by Bärenreiter publishing. In near future, its twin publication will come out, featuring a full list of Josef Suk's work.