How to play Typexeso

The rules are the same as Authors or Concentration card games. The object of Typexeso by Designiq is to search out and collect identical pairs. During play, the cards are turned face down and each player can turn over only two cards. The players try to remember the motives and their position. The number of players is unlimited, but there should be at least two.

Instead of common pictures of animals , there are letters printed on the cards. Every package contains an unique set of 32 randomly selected pairs of Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters as well as special symbols. Accented and infrequent glyphs were chosen for this game from the typeface Constantia designed by John Hudson. Cards are printed on a bicolor paper Canevas duplex using Pantone 226 U color. Cards are distributed in an envelope from the same paper.

1. Choose a suitable place to play — a solid, flat table preferably without a tablecloth. The players decide the order of play and who will start. One player (the dealer) shuffles the cards so that no one can see the pictures. The dealer puts down 8 cards in a row, with the pictures of letters face down. When placing the cards into rows, the dealer should be careful that no one can see the pictures. He should leave a space between the cards to allow room for them to be moved during play. Then, he puts the second, third, and so on up to the eighth row of cards, so that there is a square of 8 × 8 cards on the table.

2. The first player selects any card in the square and turns it face up, leaving it in its place in the square. Then he does the same with any second card of his choice. If the characters on both cards match, the player picks them up from the square and continues his turn as long as he is successful in finding identical pairs. It is unusual for the first player to find a matching pair since this is a purely random event (usually, the first pair of identical pictures isn’t found until after the second or third round). If the two cards selected by the first player don’t match, he leaves them turned up for a few seconds and all the players try to memorize the letters and the position of both cards. After a few seconds, the first player then turns the cards face down again.

3. Now, the second player does the same and then the other players. After a few rounds, the players slowly begin to memorize the subjects and positions of the cards, and it becomes easier for them to find matches. The most exciting part of the game is at the end, when almost everyone knows the positions of the cards. At that point, each player hopes that the others will make a mistake so he can get a chance to “run the table” of the remaining pairs of cards.

4. The game ends when all the cards have been matched. The player with the most pairs wins, and he earns one point for every pair. The players can keep score and then play again if they like. Typographers enjoy this game and through it they can learn the beauty of accented and foreign letters.

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