Compact Disk Preludes and fugues and Biblical song / 22.12.2004
The last finished job of the year 2004 is the design of the CD with music by Antonn Dvok and Johannes Brahms for an association Maranatha. Designed by Jan Dobeš.

Summer Issue of Dance Zone / 20.12.2004
Few months ago Radek Sidun finished design of the summer issue of the Dance Zone magazine. It took a lot of time to pick up copies and take some pictures we already work on winter issue.

winter issue of Vltava magazine / 10.12.2004
We have just finished a winter issue of Vltava magazine, a quarterly published by Czech Radio 3 — Vltava for its listeners. This time, the light blue issue is about French culture.

Annual report of MVV Energie CZ / 11.11.2004
Annual report of MVV Energie CZ designed by our designers was listed among 100 best Czech annual reports on the 55th place. The contest is organized by CZECH TOP 100 association.

Venkovy (Countrysides) / 5.11.2004
In the beginning of November, Czech publishing company Era released a book of Bohuslav Blažek (writer) and Kryštof Blažek (photographer) Venkovy: anamnéza, diagnóza, terapie (Countrysides: Anamnesis, Diagnosis, Therapy). Generously designed book has large size 23 × 28 cm, contains 105 color photos and is printed on a coated paper. Publication is designed by Filip Blažek.

Ballet Unit Cramp / 31.10.2004
On October 22 and 23 Michal Caban and Šimon Caban introduced a book Baletní jednotka Křeč (Ballet Unit Cramp) to the audience of Braník Theatre. The book issued by Prague Stage publishing house contains more than 600 pages and almost 800 illustrations from 1980—2004. Publication is designed by Zdeněk Franc and Filip Blažek.

Festival Next Wave 2004 / 7.10.2004
We have just finished graphic design for the cultural festival of alternative theatre. Festival posters could be seen all around Prague on the walls and in backlit outdoor frames.