Theatrical Newspaper / 13.9.2009
“Divadelní noviny”, a fortnightly covering the Czech theatre scene, underwent a radical redesign. After three months of work, the first issue featuring the new design has been published. The motive behind the change was to make the newspaper more accessible to young readers while not alienating older readers. Navigation elements are strong and legible, the large header helps improve orientation. Right-ragged columns, sub-headlines, pull-quotes and lead paragraphs break the monotonous look of individual pages. “Divadelní noviny” features a basic five-column layout together and an additional four-column layout rounded out by a narrow column for quotes and captions. The font used in the text is Karmina, some elements are set in Karmina Sans, and the headline typeface is Bree – all of which are designed by Type Together.

Festival Theatre / 11.8.2009
The new design for the 17th annual International Theatre Festival Divadlo in Pilsen. The visual identity for the festival was created by Filip Blažek. Four versions of posters or billboards feature four different illustrations by Václav Šípoš, representing the highlights of the event. Three TV commercials were directed by Jakub Sommer.

Migration / 19.7.2009
Filip Blažek represented the Czech Republic at the international graphic design exhibition “30 Posters on Migration” in Athens. Thirty leading graphic designers from 30 countries around the world were invited to offer their personal views on migration by designing an original poster. Exhibited at the Syntagma Metro Station Exhibition Room from 19–21 June 2009.

We’re growing II / 25.6.2009
On June 22, the second Designiq baby Matěj Dobeš was born. The studio soothsayers again tell of a promising future for the baby and congratulate his parents. For those who are curious: 3.345 kg (7.4 lbs), 50 cm (20").

20 years of Diaconia / 22.6.2009
Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren is celebrating 20th anniversary. We designed a motif to accent the mission of this organization. In the beginning, we analyzed the texts from Diaconia’s website and annual reports to find the most frequent nouns and adjectives. We processed the word list in a special application which set the font size according to word frequency. In the end we added the number “20” and constructed two layouts, vertical and horizontal, to be printed as A0, A2, and A3 posters and several types of official stationery.

ED Awards Ceremony / 27.5.2009
Linda is congratulating Jan Šabach, who was awarded the silver medal for his logotype at the ED Awards competition. The ceremony was held on 17 May 2009 in Zurich, and the awards were handed out by jury members – editors at participating European design magazines. Typo magazine was represented by Linda Kudrnovská this year.

The Beauty of European Faleristics photo album / 19.5.2009
A limited-edition photo album for diplomats who participated in the exhibition of honours bestowed by EU member states. Designed by Zdeněk Franc and hand-sewn with silver thread, the publication is protected by a plastic box tied with a blue ribbon and locked in place by a pin featuring one of the 27 European flags; sample albums have the EU flag. Printed and bound by Typodesign, České Budějovice.

Věčné časy / 27.4.2009
A book about everyday life in communist Czechoslovakia was just published by Respekt. Design: Filip Blažek, concept: Ondřej Cihlář and Opona .

We’re growing / 17.4.2009
On April 11, the first Designiq baby, Ondřej Franc, was born. The studio soothsayers tell of a promising future for the baby and congratulate his parents. For those who are curious: 3 kg (6.6 lbs), 47 cm (18.8").

The Beauty of European Faleristics / 2.3.2009
We created the graphic design for the exhibition “European Union member states and their honours” organized at Hrzánský Palace in Prague. The exhibition logotype, promotional materials and a publication issued by Naše vojsko were all designed by Filip Blažek. The main motif on the poster is a photo of the Order of the White Lion; the book cover features a stylized blue order combined with silver lettering.

Kerio Certificate / 17.2.2009
Zdeněk Franc designed a universal frame for Kerio Technologies client certificates. Two colour acrylic plates can hang on the wall or stand on a table, depending on the length of the screws used. The package contains a special kit containing everything needed to assemble the frame.

Velvet Revolution Posters / 5.2.2009
An exhibition of Czech posters from 1989 opened at the Czech Centre in Tokyo. Pictured: exhibition curator Filip Blažek (left) and Czech Centre Director Petr Holý.

Chapiteau corporate design / 13.1.2009
The publicity and communication production company Chapiteau started 2009 with a brand new corporate design. Filip Blažek designed the logotype, stationery and ring notebook. Printed on NewLine lakepaper.