Happy New Year! / 31.12.2010
Designiq wishes you all a great New Year 2011!

Wenceslaus, the Prince / 15.11.2010
An St Wenceslaus denarius embossed on the spine of a historical novel by Oldřich Brož. Design: Honza Dobeš and Filip Blažek. Black minimalist cover, nearly 500 pages, typographical details with a historical tone.

Día de los Muertos / 2.11.2010
All Souls’ Day with a bit of Mexican spice: our studio party with Oscar the Skeleton. On the makeshift altar you can see Pan de Muerto and other offerings. We remember all those who are no longer with us... and, of course, our Mexican friends :-)

…příští vlna / next wave… / 27.10.2010
A poster for the annual alternative theatre festival organized in Prague, Ostrava and Brno. The poster, whose design was inspired by communist aesthetics, 1950s typography and low-quality printing, features propaganda from Czechoslovak matchboxes.

International Theatre Festival Divadlo II / 29.8.2010
The design for the 18th annual International Theatre Festival Divadlo in Pilsen was created together with Chapiteau agency. The client asked us to base the design on the festival’s TV commercials directed by Jakub Sommer. There are three versions of every poster, billboard and citylight, each depicting different representatives from the Czech theatre world.

International Theatre Festival Divadlo / 24.7.2010
We designed the winning  logotype for the International Theatre Festival Divadlo in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The logotype symbolizes rows of spectators in an auditorium looking at festival performances on a stage. The green colour respects the client’s preference. The logotype is intended for communications with theatre companies and sponsors.

ARCHIP / 14.6.2010
We designed the logotype and corporate design guidelines for  the country’s first private architecture school, the brand new Architectural Institute in Prague, which opens at Veletržní Palace in Prague. The design is based on contrasting black and lime colours, straight typography and a geometric sans serif typeface.

Veronika Burian shows DN / 25.5.2010
Veronika Burian (TypeTogether) talked about combining typefaces at the Typo Berlin 2010 conference. As an example of good practice she also showed Divadelní noviny (DN), a Czech theatre newspaper using Karmina, Karmina Sans and Bree, all designed by TypeTogether. Designiq redesigned the newspaper in September 2009. The praise was very satisfying as we put enormous effort into selecting and combining the typefaces.

Symbols of the Republic / 6.3.2010
We designed the panels and printed materials for a permanent exhibition entitled Symbols of the Republic: Pillars of Czech Statehood. The exhibition has been organized by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic at the Hrzánský Palace in Prague. Design: Filip Blažek and Honza Dobeš.

Graphic Europe / 8.1.2010
Filip Blažek contributed a chapter about Prague to Graphic Europe, an alternative guidebook to 31 cities in 31 different European countries written and illustrated by graphic designers based in those cities. The book features the best places to stay, restaurants, bars, galleries and cultural hotspots in each city, but is far from being a standard tourist guide. The designers then illustrate these texts using a broad range of visual material that reflects the way the designer experiences their city, rather than a literal interpretation of the venues listed. Published by Cicada in 2009, available on Amazon.