Little Good News / 22.10.2011
Layout and cover of this little book was designed by Eliška Kudrnovská The Homecoming hospice civic association. A book of short stories compiled and illustrated by Martina Špinková, published by Homecoming (Cesta domů) association.

Czech Theatre Costume / 29.9.2011
Prague Stage publishing house recently published an overview of Czech theatre costume. Designed by Filip Blažek. The main visual motive is a colorful gradient representing the variety of theatre costumes. Every spread features a unique color. Used fonts: Tabac for text, ITC Tiffany Heavy for headlines and ITC American Typewriter for headers. The book contains dozens of rare images, many of them were carefully restored.

International Festival Theatre / 5.8.2011
Advertising campaign of the “International Festival Theatre” just started. We employed a couple of typographic old-timers... Every year, the festival presents a mixture of theatre plays and performances from different parts of Europe. We tried to express this diversity in the visual identity of the event. So we took three gems of the 1970s and 1980s typography: ITC Tiffany by Edward Benguiat (1974), ITC American Typewriter by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan (1974) and ITC Barcelona by Edward Benguiat (1981) and made them a base for the festival image. Designed by Filip Blažek.

Typografia Magazine Cover / 20.6.2011
Filip Blažek designed the 1224th cover of Typografia magazine (5/2011) showing the hidden beauty of typography. Photos by Linda Kudrnovská feature typographic motives from Australia, Belize, Cambodia, China, Denmark, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Iran, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Madeira, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Sardinia, Singapore, South Africa, Syria and Vietnam.

Ostrava Business School / 31.5.2011
New logotype and corporate design for Ostrava Business School. In the beginning, we were asked to design a new tagline for the school, so we recommended them complete change of the visual style. To our surprize, the proposal was accepted. The commision was realized through Edvens Media company based in Ostrava.

Develompent News / 2.3.2011
We redesigned a magazine for developers, investors, cities and construction companies. Layout and typography by Honza Dobeš and Filip Blažek.