Four magazines for Economia / 9.11.2012
Four magazines by Economia publishing house, Prague, feature new covers and layouts designed by Filip Blažek and Olga Benešová. The magazines share the same layout principle but headline fonts, color scheme, geometrical shape and illustrations are unique. HRM (Human Resources Management) is illustrated by David Böhm, Právního rádce by Nikkarin, Finanční management by Radana Přenosilová and Moderním řízení by Felixe.

Messages Home / 23.10.2012
Messages Home: Stories of Czechs Who Went Abroad (Emigration and Exile 1848–1989) was designed by Filip Blažek. The book is bilingual (Czech & English) and each chapter features an unique combination of two spot colors. In the end, seven Pantone colors were used to print the book. Published by Labyrint and Czech Statehood Days in September 2012. Used fonts: Maiola (Veronika Burian) and Falster (Jan Novák). Illustrated by Peter Sís.

Chi-Chi cards / 10.10.2012
Business cards for a fashion brand Chi-Chi by Josefina Bakošová. Tags have three layers, they are printed on a black paper using white ink and translucent Cromático using black ink and joined by metal grommet. The production was pretty tangled…

International Festival Theatre 2012 / 16.8.2012
New campaign of the “International Festival Theatre” in Pilsen just started. Strong typography and photos by Alžběta Jungrová featuring Czech actors during shooting of the TV spot promoting the festival. Designed by Filip Blažek

Three Scoops / 25.6.2012
Delicious home-made ice cream has got a creamy logotype – blueberry, mango and cherry flavoured. Would you like to taste a fantastic ice cream? Visit Facebook profile of the Tree Scoops of our friend Kateřina to learn more. Designed by Filip Blažek.

Shop of the Year / 8.6.2012
Logotype for a competition organized by publishing house Economia together with Regál magazine in the Czech Republic. Shopping streets, shop windows, open doors, shelfs with various goods, packaging paper. It can all remind you the logotype designed by Filip Blažek.

The Chechen conflict / 10.5.2012
We designed a book about Chechnya for the Sociology Publishing House, Prague. Filip Blažek created a cover with red stain which marks the shape of Chechnya on a Caucasus map.

TypeTogether specimen / 4.5.2012
Filip Blažek designed new type specimen for TypeTogether foundry featuring five editorial font families. What better than seeing type printed in its intended real environment; typetimes brings you the latest TypeTogether releases for ediotrial design. The fonts featured are Abril, Tablet Gothic, Coranto 2, Capitolium 2 and LFT Etica. The 28×36cm large specimen shows 4 different design spreads in newspaper/magazine providing samples of the fonts in different sizes and functions. Click here to see more images of the specimen or browse through it interactively on

Ahoj! / 7.4.2012
The book “Ahoj! – Contemporary Czech graphic design” was developed as a bachelor degree by Claudia Collasch. Designiq included! In the book, you can find our works or an interview with Filip Blažek about contemporary graphic design and Typo magazine. The second edition of the book was published in a limited number of 16 copies. Read more about the project at author's website.

Czech Literature magazine / 19.3.2012
Czech Literature magazine has just published the first issue of its 60th volume.

Our layout designed by Jan Dobeš won in a small tender organized by the magazine‘s publisher guaranteed by book designer Martin Pecina. The magazine is printed on a high quality yellowish paper using Pentagraf typeface by Storm Type Foundry. Every volume is to feature an unique colour scheme, the colour combinations of individual covers will vary issue by issue.

Rubikon logotype / 16.2.2012
We designed a logotype for the recently founded PR agency Rubikon. The inspiration for us was the river Rubicon. The strip in the colour of the water of the Italian mountain rivers became the dominant element of the Rubikon logo. Designed by Filip Blažek.

Bankovnictví / 3.2.2012
Czech monthly Bankovnictví (Banking) published by Economia was completely redesigned by Filip Blažek. The first 2012 issue features new cover, new layout, new fonts and partially new color scheme. The layout is more generous, charts and tables simplified and typeface Walbaum was replaced by Tabac by Tomáš Brousil.