Botanic Garden Prague / 15.12.2014
Our proposal for a new logotype of Botanic Garden Prague was selected as a finalist. The identity is based on a custom typeface enriched by natural elements and colorful images of flora. Check the portfolio for more images.

Forum Magazine / 15.11.2014
We’ve designed new layout for the Forum magazine published by the Charles University in Prague. The design concept is lively, every spread is created individually, nevertheless the layout looks coherent thanks to a strict 12-column grid and a limited repertoire of colors and typefaces. “I wanted the magazine to be well legible and comfortable to hold in hands. That’s why I recommended to replace saddle stitch binding by perfect binding and high quality Munken Polar paper,“ says art director Filip Blažek. The body text font is Plantin, headlines are set by designer’s own Pozorius and captions by classical Akzidenz Grotesk.

Theatr in 1980s / 22.8.2014
In summer, the “black” book entitled Theatrical 1980s and Studio Beseda was published. The book byPrague Stage publishing house summarizes texts on the short history of an important theatre in Hradec Králové during 1980s. Edited by Miloslav Klíma, photos by Josef Ptáček.

Josefina Bakošová / 30.4.2014
Typographic logotype of a fashion designer Josefina Bakošová by Filip Blažek. Josefina Bakošová produced her collections under the brand chi-chi. She also runs a fashion and design store Harddecore in the downtown Prague. Josefina will now use new brand “Josefina Bakošová” for her fashion creations.