Forum awarded Golden Semicolon / 3.5.2017
Charles University was awarded Golden Semicolon for the Forum magazine for the second time. Apart from the 1st place in the Best G2S Magazine category, the Forum magazine was awarded in the Fénix content marketing in the photography category. The magazine layout was created in 2014 in Designiq by Filip Blažek, now it is being further developed by Eliška Kudrnovská. The magazine photographers include René Volfík, Luboš Wišniewski, and Jiří Hroník.

Invisible people of the Charles University / 11.1.2017
We designed a large wall calendar for Forum, the magazine of the Charles University, Prague. The calendar designed by Eliška Kudrnovská features twelve important but invisible employees of the university. The portraits of concierge, waitress, cloakroom attendant, carpenter, driver or spa assistant were taken by René Volfík, Luboš Wišniewski, Jiří Hroník and Vladimír Šigut. Images are printed using duotone (Black & Pantone Cool Gray 9) on Munken Polar.