Theatre almanac Orghast / 22.5.2019
The seventh edition of the theatre almanac Orghast was redesigned by Filip Blažek. The publication offers an overview of contemporary alternative theatre and art in the Czech Republic.

Golden Semicolon Award for Forum Magazine / 15.5.2019
Forum Magazine, which was recently redesigned, was awarded the 1st prize in “The Best G2C Magazine and Newspaper” category. It is the second award for the official magazine of the Charles University, Prague. We've based our redesign on the magazine layout we did in 2014, but we've introduced new typefaces, design elements and more bright colors. The cover now features inspiring personalities from the university.

The Traces of Jaroslav Fragner in Karolinum / 2.1.2019
The 2019 calendar for the Forum Magazine published by the Charles University, Prague, was designed by Eliška Kudrnovská. It features 13 brilliant photos by Vladimír Šigut, René Volfík and Luboš Wišniewski showing details of the Karolinum, the seat of the Charles University. The complex of building was reconstructed by a famous architect Jaroslav Fragner in the middle of 20th century. The calendar is printed on Olin Smooth High White paper.