Among the clients of the Desiniq studio were or still are the following companies and institutions:

Agnes — non-profit organisation
Ami Communications
Bärenreiter — publishing house
Belmond — messenger and transport services
Beverage & Gastro
Bona — non-profit organisation
Cesta domů — hospice non-profit organisation
Czech Radio
Domov svaté Rodiny
Era — publishing house
EuroArt Praha
Donors Forum
Gallery of Jaroslav Fragner
Happy End Production
Institut of Digital Media
Ježek — publishing house
Jurta — non-profit organisation
Kerio Technologies
MVV Energie CZ
Orpheus — publishing house
Pražská scéna — publishing house
Slon — publisher of literature on sociology
Prague Castle Administration
Studio Marvil
— Syntea
— Talich Chamber Orchestra
Dance Zone
Tate International